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Auto Fluids

Image with various photos of the different fluids used in an automobile.
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Up to 60% of your vehicle is comprised of liquids to keep them running.

There are many distinct fluids coursing through the frameworks inside your vehicle. Ever wonder what those liquids are? What do they do? Also, what you ought to do to make them last or work all the more adequately? If so, then this article is for you.

There are many small moving parts in your engine. All these small moving parts would pound against each other and create excessive heat without oil. Oil is the thing that keeps your motor cool and lubricated. Envision what a motor would seem like without oil.

One thing most vehicle owners know is to change their car's oil. Motor oil wears out and loses its ability to properly lubricate at a certain point.  So it's essential to change the old, worn liquid with new oil. There's some discussion on recurrence, so if all else fails, refer to your owner's manual.

Coolant or antifreeze is a temperature controller for your motor. That means it needs to keep your car's engine cool in summer and not freeze in the winter.

Transmission fluid is the thing that permits you to shift to different gears without damaging the transmission. It keeps those internal parts lubed up so that damage won't occur.

Ever drive a vehicle that's low on power steering fluid? If so, you know why you need it. If not, envision using the greater part of your body weight to turn the steering wheel. Power steering fluid allows the power steering pump to properly function and make steering easy.

Differential fluid keeps the mechanisms in the back or front properly lubed. It's more commonly called "gear lube" or "gear oil," and, without it, there would be a great deal of metal on metal contact in the differential. The differential exchanges power from the transmission to the wheels.

Brake fluid is obviously an important fluid to keep an eye on.  Brake fluid allows the force applied to the pedal to be magnified by the master cylinder, a hydraulic device that transmits that force to the pads and makes the vehicle stop.  Your brake fluid should be checked annually.

Air conditioning refrigerant keeps cold air flowing into your vehicle. It's recommended to have your AC system checked and serviced yearly.

Finally, washer fluid should be checked every couple of months.  It's an easy fluid to check and refill.  Without it, your driving vision can be obscured which can be dangerous. 

So keep an eye on your fluids or make sure you have your mechanic check them whenever you undertake any type of mechanical servicing.  You can also ask your friendly Mobile Mechanic Huntington Beach technician to check them whenever we're conducting any type of auto repair service.