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Mobile Auto AC/Heater Repair

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Auto Air Conditioning Repair

If your vehicle's A/C heater system is not working right, call us for Mobile auto AC/heater repair.  A vehicle's cooling system doesn't make cold air.  What it really does is removes the warmth and dampness from the air that is now in your vehicle, leaving cooler air.  The freon/refrigerant is contained in the air conditioning system. The A/C blower starts the high-side of the system where it compresses the freon/refrigerant into a high-pressure state. It then goes through the high-pressure lines to the condenser. The condenser which is like a little radiator then places the fluid in contact with external air, which pulls the warmth from the fluid.  At that point, it streams into the extension valve or opening cylinder where it is confined and gets vaporous into the low-pressure side of the a/c stem.  Then it streams into the beneficiary dryer/collector that contains a desiccant pack to expel and gather undesirable dampness/water and pollutions. The clean vaporous freon/refrigerant then goes through the tubing into the evaporator. Freon/refrigerant in its vaporous state is then ready to retain heat from the air going through the fan blades, leaving the cooler air. Fans blow this cooler dry air into the passenger compartment. The refrigerant goes back to the blower in the suction hose of the a/c system to get compacted once again into the high-pressure gas and start the procedure all over.

The freon/refrigerant additionally conveys scattered oil that assists with keeping the cooling blower greased up while working. Freon/refrigerant remaining charged or in a full state is urgent to the best possible activity and grease of the a/c blower. R-12 used to be the generally utilized freon/refrigerant up to 1993. All vehicles that were created in 1994 and later were required by the Environmental Protection Agency to be outfitted with R-134 freon/refrigerant, which was resolved to be better for the earth. There were likewise stricter guidelines upheld against the spillage and treatment of refrigerant/freon and the fixing of a vehicle's a/c system.

On the off chance that the freon/refrigerant level gets low, the a/c system can still work, despite the fact that it might lose a portion of its cooling ability, or it can shorten the sequence of activity, and it can cause damage because of the blower not being appropriately lubricated while working. Checking weights of the a/c system while not in use can give a sign of low freon/refrigerant, however, it can't reveal to you how low the refrigerant is. On the off chance that the freon/refrigerant level is low, it is because of a leak in the system.

For mobile auto AC/heater repair or to have your A/C system checked annually, get one of our qualified tech's to visit you at your home or work at your convenience.  We service A/C systems as well as other things like checking the fluids, belts, and cooling system so you can rely on your vehicle to get you to the places you need to be.  And if you have other auto repair services that are needed call us at 714-465-5002 to speak with a knowledgable mechanic and get your mechanical woes fixed fast.