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Photo of automobile without body to highlight the chassis and car parts that a mobile auto repair technician can fix.
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Automotive Chassis:

Mobile auto chassis repair deals with problems that a car's chassis has and how it is failing to provide the necessary strength to deal with the internal and external stresses placed on it.  A chassis must be designed to handle the load of the vehicle as well as any additional mass placed in it.  The chassis is made up of all the components that help it to form the framework.  Things like the suspension, wheels, the frame itself, as well as the body, help to give the chassis its strength. The suspension system contains the springs, shocks A-frames, and other components that allow a vehicle to traverse uneven and bumpy terrain without compromising the vehicle's stability or damage to its load (usually passengers).  The steering system is a fundamental part of the chassis, as it gives the operator a method for controlling the vehicle's movement. The tires hold the street surface to provide footing that enables the vehicle to accelerate, brake, and make turns without losing control. Working in concert with the suspension, the tires absorb the vast majority of bumps brought about by street inconsistencies. The body of the vehicle encases the mechanical segments and the passenger compartment. It is made of generally light sheet metal or composite plastics. The segments which make up the chassis are held together in appropriate relation to one another by the frame.  Chassis components that most often need replacing are the shock absorbers.  Replacing your shocks can greatly help to stabilize your ride, protect the vehicle from incurring unnecessary jolts, and even help with tire wear.

In addition to automotive chassis repairs, you can count on Mobile Mechanic Huntington Beach for powertrain repairs, exhaust system repairs general auto repair services or vehicle inspections.