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Mobile Auto Fuel System Repair

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A primary job we perform for customers is making mobile auto fuel system repairs.  A vehicle's fuel system mixes the fuel (gasoline) with air, vaporizes it, and feeds this vaporized mix into the intake manifold on the way into the piston cylinders.  Years ago, almost all cars were equipped with carburetors.  Most newer vehicles today use fuel injection systems whereby a tiny spritz of fuel is shot into the cylinder.  It atomizes with the forced air that's sucked into the cylinders from the negative pressure as the piston lowers in its stroke.  Fuel injectors are often electronically controlled and have various components that alter the air/fuel mixture at different altitudes due to differing air pressures.

Mobile Mechanic Huntington Beach technicians are also experienced at throttle body cleaning.  The throttle body is the component where the fuel and air mix in a fuel-injected system.  It's very common that they become covered in carbon build-up and performance gets affected.  Our team knows exactly how to remove the carbon build-up from a throttle body when making a mobile auto fuel system repair.

Oftentimes, customers will be confused as to whether a fuel mixture problem is really related to the fuel system or whether it's an electrical problem.  Our technicians are experts at assessing a vehicle and conducting diagnostic tests that will identify precisely what the problem is.  And if the problem is with your fuel injectors, throttle body, carburetor, fuel pump, or fuel tank, we'll be able to identify it and make the necessary repair.  So if you run into any kind of a problem that needs a mobile auto fuel system repair or need other mobile mechanic services, call Mobile Mechanic Huntington Beach and allow us to get you on the road again.