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Mobile Auto Electrical Repairs

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The battery is the foundation of your vehicle's electrical framework and is often the first thing checked for mobile auto electrical repairs as it supplies electricity to the ignition system and the starter.  It also stores the energy that your vehicle uses for lights and radio.  Your vehicle's battery also supplies power whenever your vehicle's power draw exceeds the capacity of the alternator.

You ought to have your battery and its cables checked every time you get your oil changed. It's a super easy thing to do, especially since you're already under the hood.  On the off chance that your battery is over three years of age, it's wise to consider replacing it. Mobile Mechanic Huntington Beach can help you out if you're having electrical or starting issues and get you back on the road fast.


The alternator is your vehicle's electrical charger. Its different parts are contained in an aluminum casing and create direct current for charging your vehicle's battery. Your vehicle's alternator additionally helps power the other electrical loads of your vehicle, like the lights in your cabin or even sensors affecting your powertrain.  

We recommend having your alternator's drive belt checked at each oil change. A faulty alternator belt can diminish alternator output and run down your battery.

Symptoms of a failing alternator are a dead battery, weak light output, frequently dead bulbs, and dash warning lights.  You should have your vehicle's whole charging system checked annually.


The starter is a small electric motor mounted on the rear of the engine or the front of the transmission.  When powered by you turning the key, it cranks the motor over.  It's energized by the battery which powers a solenoid and then the starter motor.  You'll often hear a dreaded "click" sound when your starter solenoid has failed.   

Annually testing the current draw of the starter is a preventative step you can take to make sure that it's in good working order.  Starters that pull more than the specified amount of electricity from the battery when switched is an indication that it's about to fail.  

If your car won't start or you're experiencing other electrical problems and you're in need of mobile auto electrical repairs or other mobile auto repair services, make sure you call us.